You are deserving of a boundless love, and you are worthy of being the one to give it

About Me

Ashton Vaughn Charles (The Dapper Rapper) of the collective The Color 8 uses the platform to spread love, unity, and acceptance across the masses. Ashton, originally hailing from San Bernardino, CA, comes from a background of Classical music, Neo-Soul, and West Coast Hip Hop.

Pre-Order: I Still Love Me (T-Shirts)

“I Still Love Me” is our mantra. It serves as a reminder for anyone who struggles to even think such a thing: You are worthy. You are deserving. And you owe it to yourself to be loved, not only for who you CAN be, but EXACTLY as you are RIGHT NOW. Especially by YOU. This is your reminder to tell yourself, out loud, “I Still Love Me”, because you deserve that love, and you deserve to hear it.